Adopt a Polar bearOne World Wildlife identifies and supports world-leading programmes that are bringing threatened animals and plants back from the brink of extinction.

Your donations and purchases allow us to fund the best species-saving projects in the world.  All wildlife, from tiny Tahitian Snails to the world’s largest ever creature, the Blue Whale, from Striped Rabbits to Woolly Monkeys, deserves to be saved from extinction.

Our ‘One World’ concept is to safeguard biodiversity in all its forms, because every part contributes to the whole. Most importantly of all, you too can make a difference and help us to safeguard these amazing and diverse creatures.

We are a UK registered charity number 1099353. You can meet our board members here.

One World Wildlife is particularly proud of the cost-efficiency of its operation. The funds we raise are targeted in specific areas including:

  • Using up-to-date scientific data to identify the most seriously threatened ecosystems and their associated wildlife, or facilitating the collection of such information if none is currently available;
  • Supporting research projects into endangered ecosystems and the wildlife that depends upon them in order to gather information that will contribute to future ecological programmes;
  • Establishing education programmes and providing the resources that enable local people to appreciate and exploit their environment in a more sustainable way, thus protecting it for future generations.

Over to You…

If you are passionate about saving wildlife, there are loads of ways to help. You can Adopt an Animal, order beautiful books from the Wildlife Shop, add your voice to a campaign or join our community in the Get Involved section.