Adopt a Badger

Although many people have never seen one, badgers are probably one of the best-loved British mammals. The sight of a sensitive nose emerging to carefully test the air, followed by the striped head captivates watchers again and again.

Sadly, tens of thousands of badgers are killed every year on our roads while others fall victim to cruel badger baiters. Whatever the reason, when mothers are killed, their vulnerable cubs are left alone.

Sample pack for illustrative purposes:

Sample Adoption Pack - Lion







By adopting a badger through OWW you are helping to preserve endangered species and habitats. Thank you!

Your Adoption Pack Contains

  • The certificate of adoption
  • A glossy full colour photograph
  • Four postcards to send to friends
  • One World Wildlife animal information booklet
  • A beautiful soft toy (for ages 3+)
  • Add a stunning book to your pack below

One-off Payment


Recurring Payment

£3.00 / month

E-Card Alternative (non pack option)

Want to make an adoption but don’t want a pack? With this option we will email you a certificate which you can print out. This is a great option if you want to ensure that all of your donation will go towards helping our work instead of being spent on a pack.

Badger Ecard

Your adoption e-certificate is a full colour image emailed to the recipient – can be you or you can send it as a gift.

The certificate features the name of the Adopter and the date of adoption. It can be printed off for display or just kept as an image for sharing on social media or your desktop.

One-off Payment


Recurring Payment

£2.00 / month