Striped Sumatran Rabbit

Last Stronghold - last chance

Striped Rabbits

Species Name – Nesolagus netscheriLocation – Sumatra

The critically endangered striped rabbit occurs throughout the Southeast Asian region, including Sumatra, (Nesolagus netscheri) and the Annamite mountains along the Vietnam-Laos border, (Nesolagus timminsi). There are unconfirmed reports of striped rabbits being found in other parts of South-East Asia.

Sumatran striped rabbitAlmost nothing is known about its ecology and conservation status although there is some limited phylogenetic information available. About a dozen specimens are held in scientific collections and these were obtained between 1880 and 1916. More recently a few striped rabbits have been found at meat markets, have been fortuitously photographed by automatic cameras or have been snared by hunters. The animal was presumably more widespread in the past but current evidence indicates that it is now confined to the upland forest zones of Sumatra and Vietnam.


These last strongholds are rapidly being cleared and replaced by tea and coffee plantations. One World Wildlife will be supporting field-work and follow-up genetic research that will answer many of the currently unknown questions relating to the status of this unique animal. The striped rabbit is a likely candidate for extinction unless we act to protect it now.