Dr Ciaran Mundy

Dr Ciaran Mundy at One World Wildlife

Ciaran (BSc, Hons; PhD) trained originally as a research scientist in the field of soil ecology. He also works to develop community responses to climate change and peak oil in his home town of Bristol and with other environmental charities. Ciaran has been a lifelong supporter of many campaigns. As a biologist, he oversees the validity of all the projects undertaken and ensures a high level of competence of those working for or commissioned by the Trust.

Dominic Neate


Dominic (BSc, Hons) is a long time benefactor and voluntary worker for various environmental and animal welfare groups. Dominic has a BSc in applied physics and now works as an independent entrepreneur for commercial companies and charities in the UK. Dominic takes an active role in developing funding initiatives for One World Wildlife and has overall perspective on the strategy of the Trust and how it may best meet its stated aims.